Human Rights

Honorable Mention
Creative Communication Award
International recognition for excellence and outstanding ideas in communication in the Social Responsibility Category.

The Challenge: The NYC Human Rights Law states that all New Yorkers have the right to live free from discrimination. Regardless, the NYC Commission on Human Rights had experienced a 60% increase in discrimination complaints. Meanwhile, cases involving discrimination due to race, religion, national origin and immigration status nearly doubled.

To reinforce the message that every New Yorker has the right to live free from bias and hate, the city launched an anti-discrimination campaign complete with ads, PSA videos and community events.

Our Impact: We teamed up with the city of New York to create powerful testimonial-style print ads, using actors, featuring common discrimination scenarios New Yorkers may experience. Whether it be race, religion, or immigration status, each story was anchored under the tagline: “I Should Have The Right.” The visually stunning series urged New Yorkers to call the commission if they too experienced discrimination.