PrEP ¡Listos!

The Challenge: HIV continues to be a serious health issue that disproportionately affects Latino communities. In 2016, Latinos accounted for more than one-third of new HIV diagnoses in NYC. Unfortunately, many sexually active Latinos are unaware of the benefits and importance of using pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) a daily pill that greatly reduces the risk of HIV infection.

Our Impact: We created a sex-positive, culturally responsive social marketing campaign encouraging Latinos to consider taking PrEP as part of their sexual health plan. “¡Listos!” in Spanish, which translates to “Ready!” in English is the first NYC awareness campaign to be conceived of and largely released in Spanish. In order to connect with our extensive audience, each print ad showcases a wide range of various people in all types of sexual relationships. In addition, each ad addresses many of the myths and misconceptions surrounding PrEP including its safety, effectiveness and availability to all New Yorkers regardless of ability to pay.