Don't Hesitate. Vaccinate!

The Challenge: Due to the parental resistance and misinformation about the safety and efficacy of childhood vaccines, NYC has been faced with rising levels of measles cases and other preventable disease outbreaks. In the past, parents could submit religious or medical exemption to excuse their child from obtaining one or more required vaccinations, but in 2019 a new law was passed. The Board of Health took decisive action and approved the Commissioner’s order to enforce a vaccine requirement for all children in NYC to attend school.

Our Impact: We partnered with the NYC Department of Health to create the first campaign to educate NYC parents about the new order and encourage their immediate action. Bright colors and a catchy headline create an immediate sense of urgency while images of happy, healthy children communicate safety and a feeling of trust and positive results from immunization. As the city’s doctor and leader of this new order, Dr. Barbot is showcased in the videos interacting with school children and communicating the message to the audience.

Jan 2018