Live Your Life. 988.

The Challenge: One in five New Yorkers grapple with mental health challenges or substance use disorders, and sadly, a significant portion of them do not receive the help they need. Mental illness and substance use disorders are both treatable, but only if those in need can connect to care. The introduction of the 988 helpline offers a convenient entry point for New Yorkers seeking assistance with their mental health and substance use concerns. A citywide campaign needed to be developed and advertised in a timely manner to coincide with World Mental Health Day.

Our Impact:
In partnership with NYC Health, we quickly produced and developed a large-scale multimedia campaign promoting this new three-digit resource. Ads show all types of people reaching out for help as well as those happy and content enjoying their lives after having reached out to 988. Utilizing colors and brand guidelines from the universal 988 brand, we created a series of video, print and digital ads running in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese all throughout New York City.

Aug 2017