Chris' Story

The Challenge: Although New York City has made great strides to reduce their number of smokers, approximately 12,000 residents still die from tobacco-related illnesses a year. We teamed up with the Health Department to create a memorable and educational campaign about the devastating effects of tobacco use.

Our Impact: We told the story of Chris, a young man who was diagnosed at 39 with stage 4 lung cancer. Through TV commercials, print and social media ads, we shared Chris’s disbelief at getting sick, the extreme pain caused by his radiation, and his daily fears that he could become sick again. We urged residents to visit or call 311 to receive free medication and coaching.

We are heartbroken to report that Chris passed away on Sunday, April 14, 2019.

By sharing his story, Chris left behind a great and beautiful legacy by helping thousands of others quit smoking. Not only was Chris a brave and generous soul, he was an amazing human being that was full of life.

We ask all those who can, to donate to the American Lung Cancer Society in Chris's honor.

Chris will be dearly missed by all. We hope his story lives on to help others to quit smoking.