NYC Well: Connect. Heal. Thrive.

The Challenge: To encourage New Yorkers to seek help for mental health issues, you need to reach them where they are, both emotionally and physically. We worked with NYC to promote NYC Well, an accessible support service that allows New Yorkers to discuss issues, when and how they need to, whether through talking, texting or chatting with counselors.

Our Impact: Through TV/online spots and print ads, we take viewers into six scenarios of a mentally distressed person. As the tension of each issue builds, we demonstrate that each character is able to reach out to NYC Well, right within his or her own situation, to find the help that’s needed. By illustrating positive interactions between each character and NYC Well counselor, we’ve normalized the help-seeking experience, and will break down barriers to help that may have existed for our audience.

This campaign marks the next phase in our mental health awareness efforts, building upon the success of our “Today I Thrive” campaign.

Apr 2015