NYC Well: We're Here

The Challenge: NYC Well has been a very successful mental health support service, handling hundreds and thousands of calls, texts and chats per year. But to date, the vast majority of those calls, texts and chats received have been in English. New Yorkers who primarily speak Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin were underutilizing theses services and/or they simply didn’t know they existed.

Our Impact: In this next phase of our mental health awareness efforts, we mainly targeted those at-risk New Yorkers in the Latino and Chinese community through identifying images and language. The campaign, comprised of numerous videos and print ads, showcases portraits of various individuals in a vulnerable moment in time amongst a sea of New Yorkers. The copy calls out those individuals who feel isolated and alone telling them that NYC Well is always there to listen and help regardless of immigration status or insurance coverage—two concerns we chose to address that were barriers in the past.